blue yeast

Ainsley Clare Bayliss anichol at
Sat Apr 8 16:52:00 EST 1995

Hello all.  I am using a his3/lac Z fusion protein and will need to make 
individual yeast colonies turn blue with Xgal.  My colonies are turning 
blue, but they take forever to grow (on media that is pH 7.05) and even 
longer to turn blue, and so far they don't all turn blue.  Does anyone 
have experience with plating yeast on Xgal?  Can I increase the acidity 
of my media somewhat without losing the activity of the Xgal?  Is there 
any way to speed up the color change?  Also, does anyone know the 
specific activity of B-galactosidase?  What specific activity is 
necessary for yeast to turn blue?  
	Thank your in advance for all your help!

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