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Sun Apr 9 10:03:33 EST 1995

In article <CMM. at uhunix.uhcc.Hawaii.Edu> bruce at UHUNIX.UHCC.HAWAII.EDU (Bruce G Adams) writes:
>Hi yeasties--Just a note of caution to all of you out there. Here at the
>University of Hawaii at Manoa, which you know because our so-so-so football
>team, we've encountered what appears to be a new computer virus coming in
>apparently over the Internet vial EMAIL, a file entitled "Good Times". Be
>carefull of opening EMAIL you know nothing about. Aloha.


The "Good Times" virus is a hoax.  There is no such virus.  The story may 
have originated as a prank on america on-line, a few months ago.  Every 
so often, it is resurrected.  The only "virus" involved is the one just 
spread here: the story of the "good times" virus itself.  

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