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mpk6 MPK6 at psuvm.psu.edu
Thu Apr 20 09:48:29 EST 1995

I don't know if anyone has been successful with the tet repressor yet in
S. cerevisiae, but I would be real interested to find out if anyone
reports success.

Glucocorticoid and estrogen work quite well as inducible systems in
yeast.  I do not know the details of your experiment, but if you simply
want to avoid shifting your cells into galactose media to induce a GAL
promoter, there is a tripartite fusion protein available from Didier
Picard that uses estrogen as a gratuitous inducer.  The parts of the
protein are the GAL4 DNA binding domain-ER hormone binding domain-VP16
transactivation domain (Gene.  1993.  131, 129-134.).  Thus, you can
turn on GAL1-10 promoters by simply adding estrogen to your cultures
thereby avoiding nasty changes in carbon source.

Good luck with your experiment.


Mike Kladde
PennState University
e-mail: mpk6 at psuvm.psu.edu

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