yeast YAC library

Shin Enomoto shin at
Thu Apr 20 13:18:13 EST 1995

Jaap Venema (venema at EMBL-Heidelberg.DE) wrote:
: Dear Netters,

: Does anybody know whether a YAC-library containing yeast DNA fragments
: exists? In other words, fragments of hundreds of kb of yeast chromosomes
: cloned as/in YACs.

Have you considered 2-micron mapping your mutation?  There is a series of 
strain available from yeast stock center that have the 2micron FLP site 
integrated near the centromere.  When you cross your mutant strain to 
these strains then the 2micron plasmid usually present in your strain 
will crank out the FLP recombinase and also chop of the arm of a 
chromosome thus uncovering your mutation (Wakem and Sherman Genetics 125: 

Even if you get this yeast YAC library, I would think it will be kind of 
difficult to move the library into your mutant strain.

Good luck

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