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Helen H.Cox at shef.ac.uk
Fri Apr 21 10:20:50 EST 1995

In article <3n4ta6$fr8 at pith.uoregon.edu>, Piper <piper at molbio.uoregon.edu> says:
>Does anybody know of a good inducible system for cerevisiae besides GAL? 
>Tetracycline, glucocorticoid???

The met3 promoter.
Ref: Cherest et al Gene 34:269-281 1985
                   MGG 210: 307-313 1987
Mountain et al Yeast 7: 781-803 1991
Mountain and Korsch Yeast 7 873-880 1991.
The person to contact is Harry Mountain at the University of Staffordshire
Biology Division/School of Sciences
College Road
ST4 2DE.

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