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Colin MacD macdiarm at
Mon Apr 24 00:15:32 EST 1995

Hi out there
I need some help again from the newsgroup.  I have mated two isogenic haploids and want to isolate a diploid, but obviously have no selection for this.  I have read that mating tests distiguish a and alpha mating types in haploids by absence of growth i.e. halo on plates with the appropriate mating factor.  It seems to me from reading this that it could be possible to select a diploid from a mating mixture by streaking out on a plate containing both mating factors, to which only a diploid would be insensitive.  I realise this might not be a tight selection, but any significant difference in growth rate between haploid and diploid cells would be OK for me, since I'd do a sporulation test on probable diploid isolates.  

Does it sound feasible, has anyone tried this?  How much of the mating factors would I need to use?  (I dont have access to a micromanipulator, so can't pick out zygotes, as someone suggested I do). Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance, 

Colin MacDiarmid
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