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Francis Ouellette francis at BORDUAS.NLM.NIH.GOV
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> From: kd034560 at .bcm.tmc.edu (Krasen Dimitrov)
> Subject: Pombe resources on Internet

> My question is: Is there a separate resource on Internet (newsgroup or
> something) ony for pombe research. Thank you ver much. Krassen

Dear Krasen,

There are no pombe specific newsgroup that I know, but there are many
pombe readers and question on this newsgroup, and from the beginning,
pombe has always been welcome, has have other yeast in general.

There is a Web page where you will find recources specific to S.
cerevisiae, S. pombe and C. albicans:


> Schizosaccharomyces pombe
>     Seek the S. pombe wisdom from Tom Chappell, UK.

This can be found at:


and has this info:

> Welcome to the S. pombe page
> Main Categories
>      Recent Publications 
>      Genes 
>      Vectors 
>      Methods 
> Please note that the Entrez connections for the pombe genes on this
> server take you into the National Library of Medicine WWW Entrez
> system. Once you dive into these connections, the references to "home"
> on the information pages takes you to the NLM WWW Entrez home page(a
> VERY useful page to know about), rather than bringing you back to this
> page.
> this page is very much under construction...
> I'm interested to hear what people working with S. pombe want to see.
> (and how much the server bogs down my Mac...)
> comments to: Tom Chappell (dmcbtch at ucl.ac.uk) 

Hope this helps,


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