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M. Mitchell Smith mms7r at ascus.micr.Virginia.EDU
Mon Apr 24 16:58:12 EST 1995

Colin MacDiarmid (macdiarm at asks about
making a diploid from two mating strains with identical markers.

In addition to some cute tricks mentioned by others, like Peter
Linders 2-plasmid masking approach, here's what we do with
S. cerevisiae.

We take what I call the Peeping Tom approach!  After 3-4 hours
of mating on rich plates,  you can streak cells on the edge of a YPD
slab and identify zygotes under the dissection microscope -- mating
shmoos, often with a medial bud; the morphology is pretty easy to spot.
Micromanipulate them out onto the slab and let them grow up.
This has the advantage of being fast, too; no overnight plate growth
before you streak for singles.  Check the final colonies for
mating, sporulation, etc. to be sure they really were zygotes. 

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