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Mon Apr 24 06:41:59 EST 1995

> In article <3nen1t$c6n at riscsm.scripps.edu> SLForsburg <susan_forsburg at qm.salk.edu> writes:

> >   It would be nice if someone could do the equivalent of Mike's 
> >   regular recently-submitted-cerevisaie-sequences for pombe,
> >   though. 

> From: pmr at sanger.ac.uk (Peter Rice)

> I keep a list of pombe sequence entries. I could post it if there is enough
> interest. But first - is this really the right newsgroup for pombe?

I think it is very appropriate (as Susan mentioned) to have any and all
pombe discussions on this newsgroup, and as well as for you to present
(in a similar fashion to Mike Cherry, wrt cerevisiae) all the new pombe
sequences that come out in EMBL/GenBank/DDBJ.



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