GFP and yeast strain background

Stefan Gruenwald grunwald at
Tue Apr 25 19:31:13 EST 1995

Dear Shin:

I personally believe that the GFP works in almost any organism. I have 
screened 64 million random PCR clones for color mutants and have 
expressed it in various bacterial strains and it always worked. Also, 
people at the GFP meeting in Palo Alto reported positive results with GFP 
in many if not all organisms tested. I think the reason why some bacteria 
may not seem to fluoresce in your experiments is simply the expression 
level. I have tried different promoters, different inductions and 
bacterial strains and the green color intensity under UV light is simply 
proportional to the expression level.

Please E-mail me if you have questions.

With best regards

Stefan Gruenwald

 Shin Enomoto (shin at 
: Has anyone experienced differences in wether you get Green Flourescent 
: Protein to work or not among different yeast strain backgrounds?  I know 
: in E. coli this happens because my construct only floureces in DH5alpha 
: and not in XL1-blue or MC1066.

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