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> From smith at minerva.cis.yale.edu Wed Apr 26 19:55 EDT 1995

> It seems to me that there is an error here.  To generate the percentage of
> the S. cerevisiae genome that is publically available, column 7 should be
> divided by column 4 and not column 3.  That calculation lowers the
> percentage of publically available sequences to 43%.  What was calculated
> is the percentage of the already sequenced DNA that is publically
> available. 

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Very correct Albert,

Barbara Dunn from the SGD at Stanford just pointed out the same thing
to me (just a few hours ago).  I am sure Philippe Mordant will make
adjusments in next month's release ...

But as you mention, the bottom line is:

43% of the yeast (sequencable) genome is in the public domain, from the
various yeast genome sequencing efforts.  This does not include genes
sequenced from the many many laboratories laboriously working on the
biology of all these genes. This probably (a guesstimate) makes it
about 55% finished (public).

If you include the 'yet undisclosed/not in its final state' sequences
(aka "private") you have 65% for all the genome efforts ... which
probably makes it >70% finished (public+private).

All of this (12.5 Mega bases, without the rDNA) will probably be
finished by the end of 1996. (my very own estimate)



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