5-FOA selection in S. pombe

Michael Moser moser at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Thu Apr 27 19:59:44 EST 1995

Dear Fizzies,
	I have used 5-FOA selection extensively on S. pombe and it works
well.  I use it to select for recombinants between plasmids and a ura4+
marked deletion in the genome as well as for 2-step gene replacements.  I
use YEA plates containing 500 mcg/ml 5-FOA.  Make the plates by
autoclaving 2X YE media, cool, then add an equal volume of filter
sterilized 1 mg/ml 5-FOA.  Patch out your Ura+ strain on 5-FOA pretty
densely, when colonies come up re-streak on 5-FOA, finally test on EMM
-ura.  Good luck!

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