Fungal Genetics Stock Center

Chuck Staben staben at
Sun Apr 30 08:20:04 EST 1995

jas13 at (Jeff Smiley) wrote:
>The Fungal Genetics Stock Center stocks primarily Neurospora, Aspergillus, and related fungi and
certain cloned genes from these fungi.
Contact them at:
Department of Microbiology
University of Kansas Medical Center
Kansas City, KS  66160-7420
913-588-7044 (FAX 588-7295)
fgsc at

The catalog and related info is also on WWW:

> Would someone please post or send me the address and phone #
> for the Fungal Genetics Stock Center in Kansas City, MO.
> I have seen it mentioned in Enderlin & Selitrennikoff, PNAS,
> 1994, pp. 9500-04, but I have no idea how to get the address.
> Thanks 10^6,
> Jeff Smiley
> Penn State University
> jas13 at

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