Direct cell to cell Yeast-E.coli shuttle by electroporation?

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Wed Aug 16 10:32:44 EST 1995

Daniel Harkness (harkness at wrote:
: John R. Thompson (jrt at wrote:
: : Has anyone mixed yeast cells and E.coli cells and electroporated to effect
: : a direct cell to cell transfer for shuttling plasmids?   I can't recall if
: : seen the concept published or just thought it should be possible.

: : John Thompson

I have never tried the protocol, but there is a reference for this:

Marcil,R. and Higgins,D.R. (1992).  Direct transfer of plasmid DNA from
yeast to E.coli by electroporation.  Nucleic Acids Res. 20:917

Note: Only 2 micron plasmids were tested.

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