Yeast Protein Database, New WWW Server

James I. Garrels jg at
Wed Aug 23 15:28:56 EST 1995

Dear Yeast Netters,

The Yeast Protein Database (YPD) has a new WWW server.  The address is  This server provides YPD Protein
Reports for each budding yeast protein of known sequence, and it is fully

YPD Protein Reports are formatted one-page reports on the properties of
each yeast protein.  The Reports now contain extensive annotations and

The proteins in YPD can be searched by gene name, by keywords, and by many
of their  properties such as subcellular localization, post-translational
modification, functional classification, chromosome number, molecular
weight, isoelectric point, etc.

The new server provides access to the daily updates to YPD, which is now
maintained at Proteome Inc.  YPD continues to be available on the QUEST WWW
server at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory where it can be accessed via
the Global Gel Navigator.

The spreadsheet versions of YPD continue to be released on a regular basis.
Release 4.1 is now available by ftp at

Jim Garrels

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