two-hybrid libraries

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Sat Aug 26 15:32:27 EST 1995

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> Someone in my lab told me that she heard of a free-of-charge source for
> two-hybrid libraries.  Unfortunatly, she did not know where the source was
> located but heard that it was at NIH.  Is there some truth this?  If not,
> can anyone provide me with a yeast (S. cerevisiae), Nicotiana benthamiana
> and/or N. edwardsonii library.  I would be happy to discuss the details of
> my research with anyone that can provide one of these libraries.
> Cheers,
> Michael
> mgoodin at

Dear Michael

We acquired a yeast acid fusion library from Roger Brent's lab as part of
the interaction trap "package".  The library was constructed by Paul Watt
and the auxotrophic marker is TRP1.  
Good Luck


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