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> Hello everybody,
> I wonder if anyone could tell me the simple method for extracting yeast 
> chromosomal DNA or total DNA.  We have tried using the glassbead to break 
> cell but the DNA we got seem to be too small. I think that the DNA may be 
> chopped or this method works only with the plasmid DNA.  Anyone knows, 
> plase comment.
> Poonsook
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We routinely use the glass-bead `smash and grab' on a variety of 
yeast.  If you over vortex or allow to get to hot (without 
intermittent icing) you get sheared DNA.  Most of the time we get the 
majority of DNA >20 kbp but some sheared down into the 4 kbp range.  
If you want good clean HMW DNA you probably have to go to 

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