Breaking Pichia cells

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Thu Dec 14 11:10:48 EST 1995

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kcburtis at UCDAVIS.EDU (Ken Burtis) wrote:

> Has anyone out there found a good method of breaking reasonable 
> quantities of Pichia (e.g. cells from 1 liter of culture) ?  
> Spheroplasting with Zymolase gets expensive with large quantities, and 
> we have been unable to get better than about 5 % breakage using two 
> passes at 20,000 psi in a French press.

We use a "bead beater" to break them up.  Its made, I think, by BioSpec in

You might try calling Invitrogen to see if they can give you a number
where you can find one.

We tried the french press too and it didn't even phase the little buggers.


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