Reporter genes and competitive inhibitors

Scott Moye-Rowley moyerowl at
Fri Dec 15 08:11:18 EST 1995

rennie at (S.L. Rennie) wrote:
>Hello fellow yeast-ers
>   I'm looking for a reporter gene that I can use that has some sort of
>chemical and/competitive inhibitor that I can add to the media (much like
>the His3 3-AT set-up).  I don't know of any other "common" reporter genes
>that have this same phenomenon  and I'm not sure where to get biochemical
>pathway info to start looking - - yes I actually dragged myself down to
>the library before I posted this, but yeast aren't a big thing at this
>university I guess 'cause I came up pretty dry.
>Thanks for any response
>Sharon Rennie
Dear Sharon:

	Another inhibitor/enzyme pair one could use is indole acrylic acid and tryptophan synthase (encoded by TRP5).  There are many trp pathway inhibitors that you might find useful.  Look for literature in the late 70's to early 80's from Ralf Hutter and Peter Neiderberger.

Good luck,
Scott Moye-Rowley

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