yeast protein database?

Arnoud Kal KAL at AMC.UVA.NL
Tue Jan 3 07:11:26 EST 1995

Dear netters,

I have sequenced a few S. cerevisiae proteins and I want to 
find out if the genes encoding these proteins have been 
sequenced yet. The seqences are quite small, 4-12 amino 
acids, and when I search protein databases mostly non-yeast 
sequences are returned.
My questions are: how can I search NCBI and EMBL for 
yeast proteins only? Are yeast protein databases available 
that can be searched (preferably) via E-mail?
A search for yeast DNA is possible with the fungi library at 
the EMBL, but this time I have protein sequences.


Arnoud Kal
Dept of Biochemistry
University of Amsterdam
The Netherlands.

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