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In article <3edh6p$bdn at>,
Keith Robison <robison at> wrote:
>Current contigs >300 Kb, based largely on my memory
>C.elegans chr III segment		 >3 Mb (>7Mb??)
>E.coli 69'-4'				  1.6Mb
>Yeast chromosome II			800Kb
>Yeast chromosome IX			660Kb 
>Human T-cell receptor			685Kb
>Yeast chromosome VIII			560Kb
>Yeast chromosome III			315Kb
>(300 Kb is an arbitrary cutoff designed to grab only genome-project
>output and avoid the viruses).

Three other yeast chromosome's were completed in 1994, thus there are
seven of the sixteen S. cerevisiae chromosomes in the databases.  A
few corrections from the above list.

  I      223Kb (under Keith's cutoff)
  II     807Kb
  III    315Kb
  V      569Kb
  VIII   563Kb
  IX     440Kb
  XI     666Kb

I believe few new large sequences will be deposited in the sequence
databases in one piece as the NCBI/EMBL/DDBJ are agreeing on a maximum
size of an entry.  I think this size will be around 350Kb.

For all the yeast chromosomes the SGD provides a file of the entire
chromosome sequence via gopher and anonymous ftp.



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