Yarrowia lipolytica auxotroph request

John Aitchison aitchij at rockvax.rockefeller.edu
Thu Jan 5 19:31:58 EST 1995

In article <3ehgkb$kpn at harpo.uccs.edu>, jmattoon at sprint.uccs.edu (James R
Mattoon) wrote:

> Can anyone provide me with one or more auxotrophs of Yarrowia lipolytica?
>                 -JMattoon  (jmattoon at sprint.uccs.edu)

You can contact Dr. Richard Rachubinski at The University of Alberta,
Edmonton Alberta Canada.   403-492-7407  email
rrachub at anat.med.ualberta.ca.  He is in the dept of Cell Biol and
Anatomy.  He has a few auxotrophs.  See papers by Nuttley, W.M. et al. if
you wish to check the references first. 
John Aitchison

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