Announcement: Bob Haynes is President-elect of Royal Society of Canada

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Tue Jan 10 11:19:34 EST 1995

Last June Robert H. Haynes was elected President-elect of the Royal Society of
Canada. He will become President of the Society in June 1995 for a two year
term, following which he will remain on the executive as Past President.
The Royal Society, founded in 1883 by the then Governor-General of Canada is 
Canada's national academy of the arts and sciences. Unlike its namesake in
England, it includes distinguished writers, humanists and social scientists,
as well as natural scientists, mathematicians, and medical and engineering
researchers. At present there are about 750 Fellows in the Academy of Science
of the Royal Society of Canada. A maximum of 30 new fellows can be elected
to the Academy of Science each year. Typically there are about 300 nominees
for these 30 available slots.
If you would like to receive more information about the Royal Society of
Canada, feel free to write or FAX the Secretary of the Academy of Science of
the Royal Society, Michael Dence, FRSC, at P.O. Box 9734, Ottawa, ON, K1G 5J4,
Canada; FAX:(613)991-6996.
CHEERS!   Bob Haynes   my new FAX, direct to my office is:(416)650-8002.

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