postdoctoral opportunity

Randy Morse morse at WADSWORTH.PH.ALBANY.EDU
Thu Jan 12 13:14:21 EST 1995


        An NIH-funded postdoctoral position is available in my lab
beginning January 1995.  Lab interests center on the interplay between
transcription factors and chromatin, principally using yeast as a model
organism [see Science 262, 1563 (1993); Mol. Cell. Biol. 12, 4015 (1992)]. 
Interested applicants should contact Randy Morse at:

        Wadsworth Center                      
        NY State Dept. of Health                   
        Albany, NY 12201-2002                  

        EMAIL: morse at
        Phone: 518 486-3116
        Fax:   518 474-3181

        The Wadsworth Center is a branch of Dept. of Health which supports
both applied (TB screening, etc.) and basic research.  My lab is housed in
the 2-year old Axelrod Institute which is generously equipped with
state-of-the-art instrumentation and supported by media services, glassware
cleaning, etc.  A recent expansion of the Wadsworth has brought in a number
of new faculty, who together with older faculty represent a variety of
research interests (transcription factors in Drosophila and yeast,
heterochromatin structure, transposition in yeast and prokaryotes, intron
homing) make for a highly stimulating scientific environment.  Albany is,
granted, cold in the wintertime.  However, as a medium sized city it offers
many of the cultural advantages of larger cities without some of the
negative aspects (less crowded, lower crime, more affordable), and is a
very pleasant place to live.

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