Yeast proteins that bind to Ni++ matrix?

DanTer1 danter1 at
Thu Jan 12 14:12:58 EST 1995

I did a sequence search for histidine rich yeast proteins and found 5 with
at least 4 consecutive histidines:
1) Casein kinase I homologue YCK2: MW = 62079, 4 consecutive histidines. 
2) S. cerevisiae chromosome V right arm sequence: MW = 195393.67, 6
consecutive histidines.
3) Carbon catabolite depressing protein kinase (EC 2.7.1-): MW = 72045, 13
consecutive residues.
4) S. Cerevisiae adenylate cyclase gene (CYR1): MW = 227853.88, contains 5
histidines in a 6 residue stretch.
5) Hypothetical 51.8 KD protein in GLK1-STE50 intergenic region: MW =
51789, contains 6 histidines in a 7 residue stretch.

There are probably many more sequences now since this was done on release
78 of the Swiss Prot. and translated Genebank databases.

I observe heavy contamination of proteins which stick to nickel resin and
elute over a broad range of imidazole concentration of MW = 80 kD, 50 kD
and 45 kD.--Dan TerBush E-mail: danter1 at  

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