Yeast experments for undergraduate lab course.

Francis Ouellette francis at BORDUAS.NLM.NIH.GOV
Fri Jan 13 01:03:03 EST 1995

>  saville at (Ken Saville) writes:

> >    I am designing an introductory genetics lab course to be taught at a
> > small liberal arts college.  I would like to include some yeast
> > experiments.  What is a good source/guide to yeast experiments in this
> > type of course.  In addition to general lab assignments I would like to
> > include rleatively short independent projects, so experiments conducive
> > to this would also be appreciated,

> > ken saville

> You should contact Tom Manney at Kansas State University.  He has
> written a manual entitled "Hanhbook for Using Yeast to Teach Genetics"
> which is available for $10.  His e-mail address is listed in the yeast
> researchers list.
> Hannah Klein
> kleinh01 at

But Ken is not (yet) ...  Tom Manney's address is:

MANNEY, tom                     TMANNEY at KSUVM.KSU.EDU


I'll mail you the directory ... below I simply attach the header which
has info on how to get yourself a copy, or how to add yourself to it.



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