Yeast experments for undergraduate lab course.

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>> Dear Yeast Researchers and educators,
>>    I am designing an introductory genetics lab course to be taught at a
>> small liberal arts college.  I would like to include some yeast
>> experiments.  What is a good source/guide to yeast experiments in this
>> type of course.  In addition to general lab assignments I would like to
>> include rleatively short independent projects, so experiments conducive
>> to this would also be appreciated,
>> Thanks for any input.
>> ken saville
>You might want to contact Cold Spring Harbor Lab Press about the 
>manual for the Yeast Short Courses.  There are short courses on 
>Schizosaccharomyces pombe and Saccharomyces cerevisiae.  When I took 
>the course they didn't sell the manuals but I believe they do now.  
>These courses are great and the experimental procedures well 
>detailed.   The cultures are also available.  You could pick and 
>choose the procedures to use.  Sorry I don't know the costs.
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If you can do WWW you can see their catalog at

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