vector/plasmid selection for insert

Wolfgang Hilt Uni Stuttgart 685-4388 Hilt at PO.UNI-STUTTGART.DE
Wed Jan 18 04:56:29 EST 1995

Hello, I am interested in a cloning vector which allows direct selection for 
DNA inserts as pCS19 developed from Christian Sengstag (Gene 124,p141-2). 
However, in pCS19 a BamHI site is used for subcloning. Because we want to 
insert Klenow treated PCR fragments we are interested in a corresponding 
vector but containing a blunt cut restriction site for subcloning (has not to 
be a yeast shuttle vector for our purpose). Is such a vector available and 
who may provide us with this. Could you send your answer also directly to my 
e-mail box (hilt at Thank you. wohi 

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