Cellwall degradation through sintered glass plaque 12G2 Jena

Olav Vestrheim mblov at alfred.uib.no
Wed Jan 18 08:12:08 EST 1995

I wounder if anyone could help me in repeat a procedure used to smear 
whole cells through a sintered glass 12G2 Jena , for use of the cellwall 
as C-source in culture media .And I have to know what kind of filter that 
was used by Benitez . 
 I would like to find out what the code 12G2 says , so also I can do the
procedure . 

If anyone know the producer of this filter , or happens to know the code 
you can save the week for me .

My adress is Olav.Vestrheim at bio.uib.no 


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