E-mail in Andrew Vershon's lab (Rutgers University, N.J.)

Francis Ouellette francis at BORDUAS.NLM.NIH.GOV
Thu Jan 19 17:18:04 EST 1995

> From: vachon at bio.grenet.fr (Gilles VACHON)
> Subject: E-mail in Andrew Vershon's lab (Rutgers University, N.J.)

> Does anyone on the net have the e-mail of Andrew Vershon or someone working
> in his lab ?
> I have the following address: vershon at mbcl.rutgers.edu but can get any answer.

Gille, the address you have is indeed the one I have in the directory,
and if you figerthat address, you see:

69 borduas > finger VERSHON at MBCL.RUTGERS.EDU
?Sorry, could not find "/W"
VERSHON  Andrew K. Vershon,  VERSHON not logged in
Last login Sat 14-Jan-95 11:11AM-EST
[No plan]

Which looks real, but just shows he has not read his mail since 



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