looking for RAS and Cyclin gene of yeast

Tue Jan 24 23:12:44 EST 1995

Hello and help:
  I  discoverd the expression of hepatitis B virus  surface antigen  in 
yeast secretion pathway  is able to induce abnormal growth of yeast  S. 
cerevisiae transformants(Current genetics, in press), high viability and redifferentiation(filamentous growth)
 were found in starved  culture, in my preliminary study, I found the 
histone-H1 specific Kinase activity of p34(cdc28) is higher  in the  
abnormal yeast cell, It is difficult to understand the mechanism that how 
the HBsAg triggers this abnormal growth, But I am trying to clarify this 
phenomanan, So I  looking for  S. cerevisiae genes associated with p34 (
Cln1,2,3.. CLB1,2,...)  or signal transduction pathway(Ras1, RAS2...),...  
as probes to understand how the HBsAg interferes the host cell, if anyone 
can provide any of  these genes or any  suggestions, please inform  me : 

Dz-Chi, Chen

Institute of Molecular Biology, 
Academia Sinica, Nankang, Taipei, 
Taiwan 115,  ROC.
Fax: 886-2-782-6086
e-mail: in%"BOCDC at CCVAX.SINICA.EDU.TW" 

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