GAL promoter sequencing primer

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>I need to sequence inserts cloned into pBM272, a GAL1-10 promoter expression 
>vector.  I would like to know if there is a true and tried sequencing primer 
>going outward from the GAL promoters sequence.
>Shin Enomoto
>Dept. Plant Biol.
>Univ. Minnesota
>220 Biol. Sci. Cent.
>1445 Gortner Ave. 
>St. Paul, MN 55108

I use oligo corresponding to GAL1 leader , 5'-cct cta tac ttt aac gtc-3'. It
begins about 25nt downstream from GAL1 transcription start point acc. to
Johnston, Davis MCB 4:1440-1448, 1984, and ends about 10 nt upstream from 
the BamHI site created in this work and usually used to make GAL1 promoter
Hope this helps
Dima Belostosky

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