chromosomal location of AXL1 ?

Tue Jan 31 21:49:01 EST 1995

Dear yeast netters,

I need to know the chromosomal location of the AXL1 gene described
in the article cited below (since I am interested in some suppressor 
gene that resides close to it - get the picture...?). The Saccharomyces
Genome database in Stanford does not have it yet. Can anybody help ?

Thanks in advance !!

Rainer Duden
==> Fujita A; Oka C; Arikawa Y; Katagai T; Tonouchi A; Kuhara S; Misumi Y.
     A yeast gene necessary for bud-site selection encodes a protein similar 
     to insulin-degrading enzymes.
   Nature, 1994 Dec 8, 372(6506):567-70.

Abstract: Cells of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae choose bud sites in a
    non-random spatial pattern that depends on mating type: axial for haploid
    cells and bipolar for a/alpha diploid cells. We identified a mutant yeast,
    axl 1, in which the budding pattern is altered from axial to bipolar.
    Expression of the AXL1 gene is repressed in a/alpha diploid cells. With the
    ectopic expression of AXL1, a/alpha cells exhibited an axial budding
    pattern, thus AXL1 is a key morphological determinant that distinguishes
    the budding pattern of haploid cells from that of a/alpha diploid cells.
    AXL1 encodes a protein similar in sequence of the human and Drosophila
    insulin-degrading enzymes and to the Escherichia coli ptr gene product. The
    axial budding pattern might result from degradation of a target protein by
    the putative Axl1 protease.

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