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Frans Hochstenbach fransh at
Sat Jul 1 16:51:02 EST 1995

The NIH Campus Yeast Interest Group has posted its first version for a WWW
Home Page.  Our URL is

On our WWW pages, your will find short descriptions of the research
interests of the 12 yeast labs on NIH Campus.  We hope that these pages
will provide you with an overview of our current yeast activities.  On NIH
Campus, approximately 1 percent of in total 1200 senior investigators (and
6000 post-docs) work on yeast, with ten S. cerevisiae labs and two S.
pombe labs.

In addition, some Nomarski illustrations of different stages of the S.
pombe life cycle can be found on our S. pombe page, while a schematic
illustration of the L-A virus replication cycle can be found on our S.
cerevisiae page.

For your convenience, comments and suggestions can be submitted via the
Suggestion Form at the bottom of our Home page.  I am especially
interested in receiving WWW S. pombe info, since WWW S. cerevisiae info is
well covered by the Saccharomyces Genomic Information Resource in
Stanford.  Please contact me, if you know of on-going genomic, cDNA, or
EST sequencing projects for S. pombe that are not covered on our S. pombe
Home page, and if you have or want to see additional WWW S. pombe info.

Yours, ---Frans

Frans Hochstenbach
fransh at

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