Plasmid stability

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On 5 Jul 1995, Ian A. York wrote:

> This may be too broad a question, but what the heck.  How stably are 
> plasmids maintained in S cervisiae?  That is, if you stop selective 
> pressure, and assuming that the plasmid isn't expressing something toxic, 
> what kind of half-life will it show?  Will most of the plasmid be lost 
> after 6 hours in culture?  24 hours?  A week?  Or is it unpredicatable, 
> or does it depend on other conditions?  I'm specifically thinking of 2 
> micron plasmids, but any information would be helpful.
> Ian
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An interesting paper on this subject is:  Murray AW and Szostak JW. 
Pedigree analysis of plasmid segregation in yeast. Cell, 1983 Oct,

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