Q re. pJG4-5

Erica Golemis EA_Golemis at fccc.edu
Mon Jul 10 08:49:36 EST 1995

Dear Gus,

  Both of the forward primers suggested for sequencing from the forward 
direction work very well.  That listed in the Red Book is a bit more
5', in case you happen to have trouble reading sequence close to the 
primer.  So, no particular preference.

  The downstream primer is a different matter.  In my hands that primer
does not work well.  I've just done a bit of checking, and I suspect
that there may be an additional point error beside the one you pointed
out (thank you!).  I will attempt to find a corrected sequence over the
next day or so, and I will re-post it here.  Please email me if you have 
any further questions!


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