Help, 5-FOA selection of trxs

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Tue Jul 11 22:34:59 EST 1995

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> Dear fellow yeasters:
> I have a strain with a genomic disruption of a gene using a URA3 marker, and
> would like to directly transplace the disrupted gene with an intact copy of the
>  gene.  I was thinking about directly selecting the transformants on FOA
> medium, and was wondering if anyone out there has ever tried this.  I don't
> have a selectable marker for the gene I would like to introduce, but I can
> select real transformants as opposed to URA3 revertants, by phenotype.
> Does this approach seem reasonable, and can anyone give me any possible tricks
>  or hints about this strategy? Please e-mail me directly with any advice. Thank
>  you very much.
> E Li
> Univ. of Ill. at Chicago, Dept. of Biological Sciences
> U09668 at

I haven't tried doing what you suggest, I thought I bring up a ref.
that you might find useful.  In Yeast vol. 11, pp. 53-55 (this is a
couple of months old right now) Fred Winston et. al. describe the
construction of a set of marked strains isogenic to S288C.  The first
step was to transform yeast with ura3-52 to 5-FOA resistence.  The
procedure used is given in the article.  The procedure can also be
found on pp. 309-311 of Meth. in Enzymol. vol. 194 (in Robert S.
Sikorski and Jef D. Boeke "In Vitro Mutagenesis and Plasmid Shuffling: 

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