Super promoters?

Daniel Harkness harkness at
Fri Jul 14 10:39:21 EST 1995

I am currently using a GAL inducible, 2um expression vector and would
like to get higher levels expression of my protein.  Would using a ADH
pro/term constitutive give higher levels of expression?  Does there exist
a "super" promoter driven expression vector?  Ideally I would like something
that had the following characteristics:

LEU Marker
"Super" promoter
Multicloning sequence
2 micron ARS

I know it's not Christmas yet but that's my wish list.  Alternatively if
someone thinks an ADH pro/term gives higher expression than GAL1-10
promoter then something with the same characteristics as above would be

Dan Harkness
Gilmore Lab
Boston University
email: harkness at

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