Super promoters?

Michael Moser moser at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Fri Jul 14 12:33:15 EST 1995

	I don't know of any "Super promoters", but there do exist a couple
of systems that can select for higher copy number of your plasmid.
	The leu2d allele of LEU2 only complements Leu2- strains when
over-expressed at a high level.  Thus strains containing a 2u, leu2d
plasmid selected on -leu media result in ultra-high copy number.  The
plasmid must also have some other marker in order to select for
transformation initiallly.
	I think there is also another system based on using the S. pombe
triose phosphate isomerase gene which poorly complements S. cerevisiae
triose phosphate isomerase mutants.
	People at either ZYmogenetics or Immunex in Seattle have used
these systems for commercial purposes. 
Good luck!

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