ade2-101 allele info?

Preston Garrison garrisonp at UTHSCSA.EDU
Mon Jul 24 01:10:34 EST 1995

>Thanks for all the replies...(stuff deleted)
>Here is another question now, since I apparently picked up a suppressor 
>somewhere (these guys do sector red on YEPD):
>Why are these cells quite red on minus Leu but mostly white on minus His,
>Ura, or Lys?
>Thanks again netbuddies

I have noticed too that other auxotrophic markers affect the pigment in 
ade2 strains. To quote Sherman and Slonimski, "... a number of 
environmental conditions and other genes have a marked effect on this ad1 
BBA 90: 1-15 1964.

Of course, this doesn't help, except to suggest that maybe you should ask 
one of them and see if they know any more about it now.

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