Yeast Conferences?

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SLForsburg (susan_forsburg at wrote:

>  The only yeast-only conference coming up that I know of is the Cold
> Spring Harbor Yeast Cell Biology meeting in August. 
> (I believe that the San Diego meeting that
> you mentioned is not limited to yeast).


> Next summer, the big Yeast
> Genetics/Molecular BIology meeting, sponsored every other year by the
> GSA, will be held,  as will the FASEB Yeast Chromosome Replication and
> Segregation meeting.  does anyone have the dates?

The 1996 Yeast Genetics and Molecular Biology meeting will
be held at the University of Wisconsin, in Madison from 
August 6 to 11, 1996.

For more info,


Genetics Society of America
tel: (301) 571-1825
fax: (301) 530-7079
e-mail: soc at

I got this info from the Lisbon Abstract book.



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