ade2-101 suppressor?

Sandy Silverman sandy at
Mon Jul 24 16:21:44 EST 1995

>Here is another question now, since I apparently picked up a suppressor 
>somewhere (these guys do sector red on YEPD):
>Why are these cells quite red on minus Leu but mostly white on minus His,
>Ura, or Lys?

My quick'n'dirty answer is different amounts of adenine in your different
media mixes.  The red color development is very senstive to this. (More
adenine=later or little color).

Looking more deeply, I wonder if there is something else going on?  Are
there other ochre-suppressible markers in your strain?  Is the suppressor
on a plasmid (as sectoring red on YEPD suggests?).  Tell me more!

bethmont at


Only lys2-801 (?) and they are really lys minus.  No plasmids (that I know


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