Discriminative identification of Yeast

thanos thanos at rz.charite.hu-berlin.de
Tue Jul 25 11:53:54 EST 1995

A ABSTRACT from my work. on Candida Yeast

DNA polymorphisms were assessed in different species and strains of genus Candida by amplifying 
genomic DNA with single non-specific primers. This PCR method employed arbitrary primers (10 
merAP3), primers derived from intergenic spacers (T3B), and the microsatellite primers (GTG)5 
and (AC)10. Distinctive and reproducible sets of amplification products were observed for 26 
different Candida and 8 related fungal species. The number and size of amplification products 
were characteristic for a given species. All yeast species tested could be clearly 
distinguished by their amplification patterns. With all primers, PCR-fingerprints also 
displayed intraspecies variability. However, PCR profiles obtained from different strains of 
the same species were far more similar than those derived from different Candida species. By 
comparing species-specific PCR fingerprints of clinical isolates with those of reference 
strains, clinical isolates could be identified to the species level even if they could not be 
identified by routine biochemical methods.

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