Media components from Genetics Society of Amer.?

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Tue Jul 25 23:02:52 EST 1995

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(James J. Taub) wrote:

> Has anyone had any experience with components from The Genetics Society
> of America? Currently we are using Difco agar, yeast extract, peptone,
> and yeast nitrogen base. We have noticed that these componets from GSA
> are on the order of 1/2 price what we pay for the difco versions.
> Comments anyone? Any problems with the GSA components for use with
> yeast or E.coli? Thanx for any and all comments.
> James J Taub
> james.taub at

Dear James

We have gradually been shifting over to GSA components and see no
difference between these and Difco components.  Good Luck.

Todd DeZwaan

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