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Below is a text dump of the Sanger Centre's  S. pombe sequencing page
on the World Wide Web. This page gives status of each of the cosmids
which are being sequenced and will be mailed to bionet.molbio.yeast
newsgroup on a regular basis. Please mail Sean Walsh
(svw at sanger.ac.uk) if you discover any problems with these pages. 

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S.pombe Sequencing Projects at the Sanger Centre

Stages in sequencing a cosmid can be conveniently divided into several phases.
First a "shotgun" phase where upto 1000 M13 clones are sequenced at random.
This is followed (if needed) by gap closure to get a "contiguous" sequence and
finishing of problem areas and double stranding of single stranded areas to
produce a finished sequence.

All yeast sequence data from the Sanger Centre is submitted to the EMBL
database within days of being finished. You can check if a clone has been
finished by referring to the information below. Cosmid clones were supplied by,
and are avialable from the Max-Planck-Institut fur Molekulare Genetik 

Please address all sequencing enquiries to: barrell at sanger.ac.uk

Last Update: 28 July `95


[Image] Keyword and Gene Browser of sequences submitted to the EMBL database

[Image] S. pombe chromosome I

Those cosmids which are in the EMBL or EMNEW stage have been submitted to the
EMBL sequence database and links established (note: it may take a few days from
the time of submission until the EMBL records are available)

 cosmid           stage                          id         accession

* c11D3           shotgun complete
* c5H10           EMNEW                           SPAC5H10  Z49811
* c13G6           finished
* c24B11          contiguous

* c1F5            contiguous

* c12G12          contiguous
* c18B11          contiguous
* c12C2           contiguous

* c31A2           EMNEW                           SPAC31A2  Z50113
* c13C5           EMNEW                           SPAC13C5  Z50112
* c24H6           finished
* c23E2           shotgun complete
* c30H1           shotgun started

* c2F7            EMNEW                           SPAC2F7   Z50142

* c8F1            library preparation
* c13A11          finished
* c3H8            shotgun started

* c1F3            shotgun started
* c1D4            shotgun started
* c22F3           contiguous
* c8A4            contiguous

* c22G7           contiguous
* c4G8            contiguous
* c16C9           contiguous
* c26B6           contiguous
* c2G11           contiguous

* c27G5           cosmid growth
* c23G3           shotgun complete

* c3C7            cosmid growth

* c24A9           cosmid growth
* c23C4           library preparation

* c2H3            library preparation
* c30D11          shotgun started
* c56F8           contiguous
* c22A12          shotgun complete
* c4C5            shotgun complete

* c10F6           library preparation
* c56E4           library preparation
* c15E3           cosmid growth
* c11C9           cosmid growth
* c6F12           cosmid growth
* c19E9           library preparation
* c57A10          library preparation
* c20G8           library preparation
* c30H7           library preparation
* c3A12           library preparation

* c57A7           cosmid growth
* c5D6            cosmid growth

* c29E8           cosmid growth
* c7C7            cosmid growth
* c3C2            cosmid growth
* c17A5           cosmid growth
* c25E12          cosmid growth
* c11C1           cosmid growth

* c24A3           cosmid growth
* c1G12           cosmid growth

* c3H1            shotgun started
* c9G1            shotgun started

* c17H9           shotgun started

* c23C11          shotgun started
* c13F5           library preparation

* c18G6           shotgun started
* c13D6           shotgun started
* c4G9            shotgun started
* c13G7           shotgun started
* c6C3            shotgun started
* c17G8           library preparation
* c22H10          library preparation
* c15F9           library preparation

* c1B9            library preparation
* c6B12           library preparation
* c9F4            library preparation
* c32A11          library preparation
* c19A8           library preparation
* c3A9            library preparation
* c23H3           library preparation

* c15A10          shotgun started
* c15E1           shotgun started

* c1F12           shotgun complete
* c13F4           shotgun complete

* c2F3            contiguous
* c19G12          shotgun complete
* c23A1           shotgun complete
* c26H5           shotgun started
* c25B8           shotgun started
* c1F7            shotgun started
* c21E11          contiguous
* c25G10          contiguous
* c27F1           contiguous
* c23D3           contiguous
* c29E6           shotgun complete

* c17G4           contiguous
* c9E9            contiguous
* c17C9           shotgun complete

* c27D7           contiguous

* c22E12          cosmid growth
* c2E12           cosmid growth

* c3A5            cosmid growth
* c29A4           cosmid growth
* c20D3           cosmid growth
* c26F1           cosmid growth
* c28G4           cosmid growth

* c57B9           cosmid growth
* c6A7            cosmid growth
* c19D5           cosmid growth
* c31D3           cosmid growth

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