ADH promoter control in S.cerevisiae?

Augustine Souza souza at
Mon Jun 5 05:56:16 EST 1995

Steven Joseph Szarka (sjszarka at wrote:

: Is the ADH promoter considered constitutive?, or is it up regulated 
: during anoxia?

: I seem to get good expression in 5 ml tube cultures but lose expression 
: when I scale up to 100 mls in 250 mls flasks. 

: Thanks for any help
: Steve

Sorry about the previous post!


If anoxia were a condition for expression from the ADH
promoter, a lot of interactor hunt people would be in trouble!
The Red Book (article by Golemis, Gyuris & Brent) describes the
alcohol dehydrogenase promoter as "strong constitutive".

Hope this helps though I still can't understand why you don't get
expression in the large cultures.

Gus Souza

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