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Mon Jun 5 12:01:12 EST 1995

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>Hello dear netters,
>does somebody know a good source of antibodies (either monoclonals or
>polyclonals) against the DNa-binding domain of GAL4 to analyze fusion
>proteins in the two-hyb system?
>Also is there any convenient method to purify the fusion protein?
>Many thanks in advance for your help.
>Christian Meyer
>INRA Bio Cell Lab
>Email: meyer at

We have used antibodies against GAl4 (polyclonal) from Santa Cruz in one
western blot experiment. It didn't work, but controls with an antibody
against the fusion partner were OK. The GAL4 antibody gave strong
signals at the place that keratins could be.....

Other people having the same experience?

Arnoud Kal
Dept Biochemistry
University of Amsterdam

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