Yeast Industry Platform ??

Sharon Debreczeni S.Debreczeni at unsw.EDU.AU
Wed Jun 7 20:03:00 EST 1995

I am presently organising the Ninth International Symposium on Yeasts to be 
held in Sydney Australia, 25-30 August 1996.  I wish to correspond with a 
body called the YEAST INDUSTRY PLATFORM.  The present address we have for 
this is:
          Anne Marie Peels
          YIP Secretariat
          B.1180 Brussels
          Phone & Fax  237 40 076
This doesn't appear to work for us.   Cay anyone help with the correct 
contact address, phone and fax numbers?   Please reply to the following 
email address:           S.Debreczeni at
                                      Thanks,  GRAHAM H FLEET

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