C. albicans cell colour

Kim.Vermaak Vermaak at micr.unp.ac.za
Mon Jun 12 05:03:06 EST 1995

A few weeks ago I received a culture of C. albicans to be used in 
sensitivity testing for antibiotics. I have noticed that after incubation at 
30 degrees C for a week, the colonies on the plate start to change colour 
from creamy/white to dark olive green/black. I made a smear of some colonies
that remained white and compared them with the darker ones. The cells of the 
darker colonies are very similar in shape and size to the cream-coloured 
ones, but their walls are much thicker and  dark olive green in colour. I 
know that C. albicans has a tendency to switch colony morphologies but i 
have not heard of it changing colour in this way. Do you think it might be 
related to sporulation? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 
Thanks in advance.

Kim Vermaak
University of Natal
South Africa

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