C. albicans cell colour

Mon Jun 12 07:59:38 EST 1995

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> Subject:       C. albicans cell colour
> Date:          Mon, 12 Jun 1995 10:03:06 GMT

> A few weeks ago I received a culture of C. albicans to be used in 
> sensitivity testing for antibiotics. I have noticed that after incubation at 
> 30 degrees C for a week, the colonies on the plate start to change colour 
> from creamy/white to dark olive green/black. I made a smear of some colonies
> that remained white and compared them with the darker ones. The cells of the 
> darker colonies are very similar in shape and size to the cream-coloured 
> ones, but their walls are much thicker and  dark olive green in colour. I 
> know that C. albicans has a tendency to switch colony morphologies but i 
> have not heard of it changing colour in this way. Do you think it might be 
> related to sporulation? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 
> Thanks in advance.
> Kim Vermaak

I have never seen this happen and have cultured C. albicans for weeks 
at a variety of temperatures.  Even under poor growth conditions such 
as on Corn Meal agar after 3-4 weeks at 25C only creamy.  You either 
don't have Candida albicans OR maybe your media has a different 
component???  Since C. albicans only forms Chlamydospores if what you 
have is sporulating it definitely isn't C. albicans.

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